Tamia is trending after she took to the streets of social media to confirm she has never undergone throat surgery.

On Monday night, Fabolous played his hit single, “So Into You,” during his Verzuz battle against Jadakiss.

Fab got his Teddy Ruxpin bag and shared this tidbit of info:

It’s a lot of back and forth about how it was Tamia and Ashanti [on the record]. Tamia is who the original song came from. Tamia was getting surgery on her throat at the time we did the song. So, we got Ashanti to do the song and when we did the video she [Tamia] was back.

Watch below:

Tamia Fact-Checks Fab

Tamia kindly took to her Instagram page, spread her album covers out and shut all of that nonsense down!

The caption read:

25 years. 8 albums. 0 throat surgeries. ❤️??

See the original post below:

Twitter Reacts

Tamia began trending on Twitter as people celebrated her classy fact-checking skills as well as her beautiful voice and amazing talents.

Welp. That’s that on that!

And the clear winner of the Verzuz battle with this happily drunk fella: