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Ludacris via YouTube, Justin Timberlake (Photo: Weiss Eubanks/ NBCUniversal Media)

Ludacris recently appeared on “Drink Champs” and shared a funny story about the time he won his first Grammy Award and Justin Timberlake told him to “shut the f— up!”

The Atlanta rapper and Fast and Furious star, whose real name is Chris Bridges, recalled how amped up he was after his album, Release Therapy, won Best Rap Album in 2007.

Because I was so passionate after I got that award, I went backstage and at this time they had all of the artists separated by curtains. 

So MFs weren’t in specific rooms.

I say that to say I get back and I’m like, ‘Yeah, f— yeah, I made it! I did it! I won! I literally set out this album to get a Grammy and I got it!

And all of a sudden I hear this voice from the other room – on the other side of the curtain.

That MF was like, ‘Shut the f— up! Some of us didn’t win any GD Grammys today!’ And I’m like, ‘Who TF is that?!’

I pulled the curtain back…this n— Justin Timberlake is on the other side of that MF.

That n— said, ‘Shut the f— up! Some us didn’t win any GD Grammys this year!’ 

Watch as Ludacris shares his Justin Timberlake Story Time below. 

JT slid into the comment section of Luda’s post and commented, “😂😂😂”

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