The Real World Homecoming Los Angeles Key Art

The latest episode of “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” has the streets of social media buzzing after a convo about Black Lives Matter resulted in two non-Black cast members dropping the N-word.

Tami Roman, who is armored with her bonnet and a cigarette, tries to do the Lord’s work of making her castmates understand why it is unacceptable to say that word.

In addition to that, Tami checks Glen “I Don’t See Race” Naessens.

You better see race because otherwise how can you understand my journey as a Black woman?

All of this goes down while David Edwards sits idly on the couch.

True Storaaaaaaaay!

Watch the clip below.

Tami took to Twitter writing:

I’m just thinking… I shouldn’t have to educate people on how to be a decent human being and to hold their family, friends and associates accountable to do the same.

See her original tweet below.

As I mentioned earlier, social media is buzzing about the episode.

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Have you been watching “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles?”

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