Days after Tamar Braxton said she and JR Robinson had decided to keep their relationship private – Colonel Sanders took to Instagram with a spicy warning: “Keep poking the bear.”

Jeremy “JR” Robinson wasn’t very happy with Tamar’s interview with Carlos King and he seemingly has smoke for both of them!

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In a series of posts on his IG Story, JR refrained from saying Tamar’s name, but he used Carlos’ initials and made his stance very clear.

JR Robinson wrote: 

Truth is – they are not ready for me to tell my side of the story.

I keep choosing grace.

But, I can only be thrown under the bus and not defended for so much longer. 

He added: 

I’ll be Colonel Sanders and give you some chicken to eat with my story… Keep poking the bear!

JR also alluded to protecting Tamar, but said that’s “coming to an end.” 

A man can only take so much.

I always want to protect – even when we aren’t together, but stop allowing indirects to throw me under the bus. 

Your shade creates more uncertainty and your people thrive on stating what you never say.

I’m too graceful and that’s coming to an end. Thanks CK. 

JR Robinson had more smoke for Carlos…

Apologies mean nothing when you come for my foundation.

You know the truth but want to kiki – well, I guess the exclusive has to come out.

Tired of protecting people and getting s— on.

Their hoe phase was during my in love phase.

Flowers and billboards don’t mean s— when you have had your heart broken. 

Tamar Braxton buys JR Robinson a billboard in NYC (via Instagram)

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JR wasn’t standing on business because he quickly deleted all of his posts. 

In case you missed it…you can watch highlights from Tamar Braxton’s messy and shady interview with Carlos King below. 

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