Talib Kweli Responds To Consequence Calling Him A Lier & Saying He Talked About His Son

Talib Kweli recently took to Instagram to address Consequence calling him a liar and saying that he spoke negatively about his son.

Consequence called Talib out on his Instagram page over an interview he did with Black Thought about the alleged beef The Roots had with Biggie.

This is not the first time that Consequence and Talib have had words with each other on social media. There is a history there.

According to Roots member Black Thought, the beef was a misunderstanding and they squashed it with Biggie before he passed.

Consequence took to his Instagram to let the world know that he saw the alleged beef between Biggie and The Roots a little differently than what Talib and Black Thought discussed.

Before Consequence dove into the particulars, he made it clear that he has no issues with Black Thought, but he called Talib a liar who hides behind phones.

He also accused Talib of talking about his son.

While giving his perspective on the alleged beef, Consequence highlighted some of Biggie’s bars from the “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)”:

Foes is shaking in they boots… Invisible bully, like The Roots…

Watch Consequence’s original IG post below:


In response to Consequence’s post, Talib attached the videos of Consequence coming at him, and he pinned a comment from Questlove from The Roots validating that the alleged beef between The Roots and Biggie was a misunderstanding that was squashed before he passed.

Talib Kweli captioned his post:

BREAKING- @questlove puts a stop to @constv lying on Biggie and the Roots… a story in 4 parts… swipe left…

Also, don’t let this man lie and say I speak negatively on his son.

He’s saying that for sympathy. I would never.

And for him to use his son in this way is pretty awful.

See Talib Kweli’s original IG post below:


Watch the two videos below that started the alleged beef between the Roots and Biggie:

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