Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Paramount+

Paramount+ has released the official trailer for Taylor Sheridan’s forthcoming espionage thriller, “Special Ops: Lioness.” 

Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Paramount+

About The Special Ops: Lioness’

Special Ops: Lioness” inspired by an actual U.S. Military program. 

The series follows the life of Joe (Zoe Saldaña) while she attempts to balance her personal and professional life as the tip of the CIA’s spear in the war on terror. 

Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Paramount+

The Lioness Program is overseen by Kaitlyn Meade (Nicole Kidman) and Donald Westfield (Michael Kelly).

They enlist an aggressive Marine Raider named Cruz (Laysla De Oliveira) to operate undercover alongside Joe among the power brokers of State terrorism in the CIA’s efforts to thwart the next 9/11.

Photo Credit: Luke Varley/Paramount+

The Cast: 

The “Special Ops: Lioness” cast includes Zoe Saldaña, Laysla De Oliveira, Michael Kelly, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Dave Annable, Jill Wagner, LaMonica Garrett, James Jordan, Austin Hébert, Jonah Wharton, Stephanie Nur, and Hannah Love Lanier.

Credit: Lynsey Addario/Paramount+

Premiere Date:

July 23, 2023, only on Paramount+

Watch The Trailer:

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I will be on time for “Special Ops: Lioness.” 

Do you plan to check out the series?

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Special Ops: Lioness


  1. I have tried twice to get into it. Fell asleep both times. I’m one of those people that if it doesn’t peek my interest the first few minutes, then it’s not for me.

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