Boosie revealed in a recent interview that he knew his alleged grandson wasn’t his because the baby’s toes didn’t lap over.

According to Boosie, the males in his family have a significant toe structure where one toe laps over the other.

From me all the way to my grandpa, all our toes do like this… the other toe, it lap over one toe.

All our toes the same.

Boosie said he met the baby for the first time at his son’s high school graduation, and when he looked at the baby toes “he didn’t have them toes.”

I told my partner that ain’t Tootie baby.

My momma whispered to me in my ear, ‘that ain’t your grand grand baby.’

According to Boosie, when pictures of the baby appeared on social media, the baby’s real grandmother contacted his family and laid everything out. 

He said Tootie’s ex-girlfriend befriended a girl in the projects, took the girl’s baby across state lines, and pretended like the baby was Tootie’s.

This girl befriended another girl in the projects.

Went and got her baby, been playing with the baby like she the Nana of the baby, and took this baby across state lines, and played like this was our grandchild.

Watch the video below:

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