T.I. Punches Chainsmokers Member Drew Taggert For Kissing Him On His Cheek

T.I. recently put the paws on Chainsmokers member Drew Taggert for kissing him on his cheek.

Drew admitted he was completely in the wrong, and he deserved to get punched.

He said he was feeling the vibes way too hard, and he kissed T.I., and T.I. punched him in the face.

Watch Drew Taggert describe what happened below:


My bad T.I. won’t happen again… unless?

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T.I. also took to his Instagram to give his side of the story. He said he still loves The Chainsmokers, but he doesn’t need any sugar from them.

He said after the incident, they had a drink, talked about it, and they came to a much better place.

T.I. even invited the group to come on his podcast, “Expeditiously.”

Drew Taggert deserves a lot of respect for taking full accountability for his actions.

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