Summer Walker - Lil Meech

Summer Walker and Lil Meech hit the pink carpet of the 2023 BET Awards together on Sunday night.

The “Girls Need Love” singer and “BMF” star have had their fair share of headlines recently regarding their relationship.

In a series of recent Instagram Story posts, Summer addressed the unwanted attention her relationship with Meech gets.

It’s amazing how everyday I wake up happy having a great time with my kids, enjoying my money, enjoying my man & we make the blogs everyday for nothing.

Its giving obsession, lmao we wasn’t even tryna be public. YALL investigated so hard y’all outed us from a reflection in the car.

I came out with him in a ski mask at first and y’all tried to match up my wig to old pictures like seearchinngg & seeeekinngg.

Lmao like it’s scary. Every move we make everything we do someone got something negative to say.

Why would you wanna keep up with people you don’t like. It’s weeeiiirddd.

I don’t give af about nobody counting my p***y, it’s MINE not y’all’s, I don’t care bout y’all counting how many kids I got, IMA HAVE SOME MORE. I don’t give af about what y’all think is embarrassing.

I’m not leaving we already said that so find something else to obsess over.


Summer Walker went on to address people who call her “ghetto.”

Most importantly I don’t care what y’all think is GHETTO.

B**ch I’m ghetto so f**kin what we already know this.

Ima hang out with my hood rat friends, Ima shake my a**, I’ma have my multiple kids with my multiple baby daddies, If I want to fight I’ll fight, if I wanna hit a b**ch up Ima do that too lmao & y’all know what y’all gone do?

Y’all gone keep selling out my mf shows like y’all always do.

Y’all gone keep selling out my merch and making a b**ch go tripple platinum like y’all do.

So STFU lmao

I’m not no Queen Elizabeth a** b**ch who cares about looking perfect all the time. If you haven’t caught on to that by now.

I literally don’t give af, I go to the grocery store no make up, in my bonnet, baby on hip just like the rest of you hoes.

And I have the same issues with a n***a as y’all do like tf lmao.

Y’all take this “famous” s**t to far.

Have the same energy for yo unmarried mammys lol.

Regardless of what you think about Summer Walker and Lil Meech’s relationship, they did look good together on the pink carpet of the BET Awards.

Lil Meech expressed his appreciation for Summer writing, “My Queen. I Appreciate U For Everything!!!

Lil Meech comment Summer Walker

Singer Lil Mo is definitely here for the couple.

She commented, “They are each others Safe space. I love this for them!!”

Lil Mo - Summer Walker - Lil Meech

Another person commented noted how Meech is “comforting” Summer, who has been very vocal about her social anxiety.

Commenter - Lil Meech

Lil Duval weighed in on Summer Walker’s look for the BET Awards and crowned the Grammy-nominated singer “best dressed.”

The comedian wrote:

From what i saw summer walker was the best dress at the bet awards.

She look like the only person that didn’t buy they dress off Instagram 😂😂😂😂😂😂

See his original post below.

Do you agree with Lil Duval? Was Summer Walker the best dressed?

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