Tory Lanez Taken Into Custody After Violating Protective Order In Megan Thee Stallion Case (1)
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Lil Duval took to the streets of Twitter to ponder what Tory Lanez has been doing to maintain his hairline since he went to jail in December 2022. 

The comedian tweeted, “I wonder how Tory Lanez hairline look since he been locked up.”

See his original tweet below. 

Tory, born Daystar Peterson, was convicted on December 24, 2022, of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, having a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

Prior to Tory Lanez making headlines for shooting Megan, he would typically draw attention for his music or his hairline. 

The 30-year-old Canadian rapper was very transparent about his hair loss and the measures he has taken to keep a crisp hairline. 

During a 2019 episode of “Pull Up with Joe Budden,” Tory explained that his new hairline was a result of a “natural hair” restoration method as opposed to hair plugs, a wig, or a Bosley hair transplant.

I met a doctor that does hair restoration—that n***a is specifically for African American and Latino hair.

So, basically, I was going away on my corners.

They help me do the restoration.

It’s not Bosley, though … that’s when they slice your head and do all this weird s**t. I didn’t do that.

My s**t is more so natural.

Tory shared that his new hair came from a method called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, which is a technique that involves injecting your own blood into your scalp to restore hair growth. 

He reaffirmed he is not wearing a wig. 

“There’s a lot of n***as doing some other funny s**t. I don’t have a unit on my head. You’ll never catch me like that,” he said.

Tory Lanez revealed that it was “Rack City” rapper Tyga who gave him the scoop on PRP therapy because he too was struggling with his hairline.

Watch below as Tory gave his hairline tea to Big Boy!

Apparently, Lil Duval wasn’t the only person pondering over Tory Lanez’s hairline.

I feel confident in saying I’m sure that Tory Lanez is more concerned with his efforts to be granted a new trial. 

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