Sukihana - Momma Dee

Sukihana had a very real and emotional moment while discussing how Momma Dee hurt her feelings during an interview on Street 94.5 Morning Takeover Show.

The rapper, who is known for her raunchy image and tough exterior broke down crying after sharing how it hurt her when Lil Scrappy’s mother called her “fat.” 

It did hurt my feelings when she said I was fat because it’s just like you don’t know how much we go through to try to fit this image for TV.

Like it’s really hard. Like y’all don’t how much I go through. I tried to work out, diet, and everything. It’s really hard.

So it did hurt my feelings to hear her say that. 

After she became overwhelmed with emotion, Yung Joc attempted to comfort Sukihana with words of encouragement. 

She responded saying, “It’s not a big deal. It just is a lot of pressure. So, I don’t want to be crying. I’m not a victim of anything.”

Joc was truly a stand-up guy as he comforted and encouraged Sukihana to embrace what she was feeling.

He went on to thank Suki for her transparency. 

Watch the clip below. 

All of this began when Momma Dee, who is a cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” did an interview and acted as if she didn’t know who Sukihana was. 

That wasn’t the problem. The issue is she went on to body shame Suki by calling her fat. 

They exchanged words via social media, but things boiled over when they came face-to-face at a birthday party for Shay Johnson’s baby girl.

They cut up something terrible at that baby’s first birthday party. 

Sukihana said Momma Dee is a bully and she was adamant about not backing down from her antics and foolishness. 

Sadly, at this point in the game, Scrappy’s mama should be trying to guide and mentor young women rather than publicly tearing them down. 

Last, but certainly not least, Momma Dee is no stranger to her own challenges with her body image.

Hopefully, she will apologize to Sukihana and they can squash this beef and move forward. 

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