Scrappy Speaks On Momma Dee Being A RN, Her Meeting Ernest, & A Traumatic Home Invasion When He Was A Child

Lil Scrappy recently stopped by the “Math Hoffa” podcast and talked about Momma Dee meeting his stepdad Ernest Bryant while she was a registered nurse (RN), and he recalled a traumatic home invasion he experienced as a child.

Scrappy said that he’s not sure how Momma Dee became an RN back in the day because she was already diagnosed as bipolar, and when she met Ernest he just made things worst.

Mom Dukes was a RPN or, like, whatever you call that sh*t, like a nurse.

She would be going to the little hospitals and sh*t like that, doing her sh*t.

And then one day she met this n***a… Met this n***a name Ernest, you know what I’m saying?…

Yeah, my step daddy. He just made it worse cause she was already diagnosed with bipolar. I don’t even know how she was a registered nurse with that sh*t.

Cuz was crazy as f**k, you feel me?…

No disrespect Mom Duke, but you know what I’m talking bout.

Soon after, Lil Scrappy vividly recalled a story of Ernest and Momma Dee’s drug activity getting back to their house when he was a kid.

He said he was about 11 or 12 at the time, and it was around Christmas time. 

He was watching Boomerang on TV and two dudes, one without a mask, broke into their house looking for the drug stash and the money.

He said once he heard their voice he knew who it was, but he continued to act like he didn’t know anything.

Then one of the dudes went right to where his mom kept the dope and the money, but he said the money and the dope were not there.

Scrappy said the dude had the gun on him and his face against the wall, and he thought he was dead, but the dude let him go and went into his sister’s room.

He followed the dude into his sister’s room, thinking he was going to die defending her, and he said he knew the dude knew him because he was like, “Mane, ain’t nobody finna do nothing to your sister, n***a!” And the dude shut the door.

He said his sister was safe. She slept through the whole attempted robbery.

Lil Scrappy said when Momma Dee got home and saw that someone had broken into the house, she peeked in and asked if they were good, and he said, “Hell Nah!”

She asked if the robbers were still inside, and he responded, “I don’t know.”

He said all he heard was guns cock, and he told his little sister, who had woken up, to get down.

The robbers had gone, but Scrappy said he knows the situation got handled.

Watch the video clip from the “Math Hoffa” podcast below:

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