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Momma Dee releases 'Thirst' diss aimed at Bambi

Jesus, K-Ci, Mary, and JoJo! Momma Dee has released. “Thirst,” an awful diss song targeted at her former daughter-in-law, Bambi.

The super cringy visual, which premiered on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” begins with Lil Scrappy’s mama and two dudes in the woods deer hunting. 


They spot a doe, presumably Bambi, drinking from a river labeled, “Thirsty A— River.”

Momma Dee takes pride and pleasure in shooting the deer.

From there, the video only gets worse as the former pimp, who is dressed as a Temu mermaid raps:

Thirsty a-- hoe I’m the queen of the throne

Big teeth hoe - now you on your own

Thirsty a-- hoe…you broke a-- b---

Scrap f---in you was just a glitch

Watch the hot mess of a music video below. 

Commenters didn’t hesitate to sound off about Momma Dee’s latest antics. 

One person wrote, “Your grandkids will one day listen to this song you made about their mom. A lot of you on here are mothers. This is wrong on so many levels.😢😢you’re too old for this s—.

Someone else commented, “From one grandmother to another: Cease and desist. You’re serving generational trauma to your grandkids on a silver platter. What happened to you around age 12? Cuz you’re emotionally stuck in 12 yr old-level emotional intelligence. SMH

I know Scrappy is tired😭😭😭,” another commenter wrote.

Surprisingly, some people loved the video and were thoroughly entertained. 

I am crying😂😂😂😂 this was so well thought out 👏👏,” someone wrote.

Someone else commented, “IDC this s— funny 😂😂😂

Momma Dee gotta find something constructive to do – cause this ain’t it!

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