Jaguar Wright, Katt Williams (via Instagram)

Jaguar Wright is detailing her relationship with Katt Williams in a viral interview clip. 

The singer credited the legendary comedian for “teaching her how to be Jaguar Wright” when it comes to telling the unfiltered truth. 

She went on to call him her “30th Birthday Present.” 

“The What If’s” singer recalled how Katt Williams gifted her $20,000 at her birthday celebration and told her to consider it as a “down payment on your time.”

Jaguar admitted, “He taught me so much in nine months.”

But, she said that things took a turn “when the Illuminati first started coming after him…and I left.”

Jaguar claims Katt was wearing Kevlar to bed. 

Kevlar is a type of aramid fiber used in body armor and bulletproof vests. 

“I would get in bed with him at night and he would have Kevlar on…in bed.” 

Watch the clip below. 

Katt Williams hasn’t confirmed or denied Jaguar Wright’s claims about their relationship.

Do you believe her?

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  1. Taurus and Virgo has always been highly compatible being friends or loves. But of them are authentic truth tellers so I believe her.

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