Stephen Akase from Africa recently posted his desire to play basketball in America via his social media account, with a video attached showing off his dribbling skills and jump shot.

Hi my name is Stephen I’m a kid from Africa I play basketball and would love to study and play for a school in America please if there’s someone out there who can help me please do but if you can’t please help me retweet this till an NBA player or high school coach sees it.

Stephen has a nice handle and he has great form on his jump shot, and he is passionate about pursuing his dream to play basketball in America.

Less than 2% of college players make it to the NBA, but it all starts with a dream just like the dream Stephen has.

So far Sportscenter has acknowledged and retweeted Stephen’s post, and comedian Michael Blackson has reached out to Stephen to find out what village he lives in.

Below are a few more videos from Stephen’s Instagram account (stephma2424).

If you have any contacts that can put Stephen with the right people who can help him with his dream please retweet his post to them.

Remember the name Stephen Akase because he might be suiting up for your favorite NBA team one day.