Teyana Taylor got snubbed by the Grammys, dawg.

The multi-talented recording artist was snubbed in the Best R&B Album category. As a matter of fact, all of the dope women who created R&B music was snubbed in the category that was filled with men.

Teyana took her grievances directly to the Grammys via Twitter when she wrote:

Y’all was better off just saying best MALE R&B ALBUM cause all I see is d**k in this category.

The Grammys are so goofy, that they retweeted it because they thought it was a compliment. ??‍♀️

Teyana wasn’t done. She went on to tweet:

My point is MY POINT. I said what da f**k I said. It shoulda been some WAP’s in tha R&B category. Instead it was filled with a bunch of ?’s, Now stay outta black women business.

She also made it very clear that she wasn’t coming for the male nominees:

I’m not blasting the male nominees. So change the misleading caption. I’m blasting the @RecordingAcad for failing ALL the women that has been putting in work. Women are clearly being overlooked here. WOMEN PLAYS A BIG PART IN CARRYING R&B.

What are your thoughts on the 2021 Grammy nominations?