Stephen A. Smith Shares Why He Thinks Mark Jackson Hasn’t Coached In The NBA Since 2014

Stephen A. Smith recently appeared on Cam’ron and Mase’s podcast “It Is What It Is” and shared his opinion on why Mark Jackson has not had a coaching job in the NBA since 2014.

Co-host of the podcast Mase asked Stephen A. why he thinks Bob Myers, the former president and general manager of the Golden State Warriors, will be able to go to another NBA franchise, and Mark Jackson, who coached the Golden State Warriors from 2011 to 2014, can’t seem to get another NBA coaching job.

Stephen A. responded:

I’m saying what I said, Mark Jackson spoke out if you remember, you know, um, of course they wanted him to do some things, they would like to talk to him or whatever.

He’s very dog it, very strong-willed, and wants to do things his way, wanted certain assistant coaches, but he had also spoken out when people were celebrating the President coming out and acknowledging that he was a homosexual.

Mark didn’t vibe with that, at the time, and so because of that, again that’s just my personal opinion, and it’s something that I’ve said on TV in the past.

Where when you echo certain sentiments, if the industry turns against you because of it it’s pretty hard to be re-embraced by that industry.

And I think that’s the challenge that he’s been dealing with… Although no one will admit it.

Watch the clip of the Stephen A. interview from the “It Is What It Is” podcast below:

Mark Jackson has interviewed for numerous coaching jobs since his departure from the Golden State Warriors, but as Stephen A. mentioned he has not been re-embraced.

Mark Jackson has been credited by many NBA analysts and fans for building the Golden State Warriors team that coach Steve Kerr took over and led to four NBA Championships.

Mark was an accomplished NBA point guard who played from 1987-2004. He played for nine different NBA teams throughout his career, and he was the NBA Rookie of the Year (1988), the NBA assist leader (1997), and an NBA All-Star (1989). 

Mark currently works as an NBA broadcast commentator for ESPN and ABC.

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