Steph Curry, the greatest 3-point shooter ever, took shots at LeBron James, Tom Brady, the Boston Celtics, and even his dad, Dell Curry, during the opening monologue of the 2022 ESPYS.

Dressed in a mint green suit complimented by a white tank top Steph basked in the glory of hosting the ESPYS for the first time after winning his fourth NBA Championship in seven years.

As he should.

He called out Boston Celtic Grant Williams and joked about possibly letting him borrow a championship ring.

Grant took the joke well, but Steph’s daughters, Riley and Ryan, didn’t seem very amused by the joke he made about their birthdays and Tom Brady.

Watch the 2022 ESPYS opening monologue below:

Comedian Jay Pharoah stole the show after the opening monologue with the performance of his original song “Steph Finally Made It.”

Watch Jay Pharoah’s performance below:

Congrats to Steph Curry and his family! This year is one for the record books, literally.