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Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver Chase Claypool found himself caught up in a parking lot kerfuffle trying to defend his friend outside a bar in Costa Mesa, California.

Claypool was reportedly at the Wild Goose Tavern with friends on March 13 when an issue involving someone throwing dollar bills at a woman escalated into an argument, and the energy shifted outside.

A fight ensued outside between Claypool’s group of friends and the other group, and Claypool jumped in the mix to try to calm the waters.

While trying to stop the fight Claypool must’ve caught some inadvertent contact because he swiftly delivered a kick to someone’s face.

After the kick, Claypool is under pursuit by a few people from the other group, he retreats back a few feet and defends himself against one of the combatants until his friends come to his defense.

Sources say both parties left the scene without further incident.

The Costa Mesa Police confirmed they received a call about a fight, but when they arrived both parties had already left.

Nobody has been arrested or charged with a crime, but now that this video has surfaced I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy that got kicked in the face seeks some financial retribution.

Chase Claypool’s friends maintain he was just trying to be the protector in a chaotic situation.

Click the link to view the video: Chase Claypool Kerfuffle

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