Najee Harris, the breakout rookie running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, checked ESPN broadcaster Steve Levy for reporting that he was so used to being homeless that he slept on the floor in his Alabama dorm room.

Steve Levy made the statement last night (November 8) during a “Monday Night Football” broadcast on ESPN2.

Even when he got to Alabama on a full ride, got the fancy dorm room, he spent the first few months in Alabama sleeping on the floor.

He said he’s just more comfortable, more used to that.

Najee took to his Twitter account to let Steve Levy and ESPN know that the accusation was not true.

Turns out Steve Levy confused Najee’s story with another Alabama running back, Josh Jacobs. After acknowledging he messed up, Steve Levy took to Twitter to apologize, and he vowed to donate to Najee’s charity.

I respect the apology, but I feel these sport networks needs to stop putting out personal information about players lives during games without the players permission.

Najee Harris did spend time living in a homeless shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to him playing football at the University of Alabama, but to me that’s his personal business.

Najee Harris appears to be a fun-loving guy, but make sure you got your facts straight before you try to tell his story.

Please watch the video below of Najee having fun with a ESPN Deportes reporter:

Your thoughts?

Sources: New York Post and TMZ