Tiffany Red via Instagram

Tiffany Red took to Instagram on Wednesday and announced her plans to sue Sean “Diddy” Combs.

During an Instagram Live, the Grammy Award-winning songwriter revealed she is suing Diddy, Bad Boy, Interscope, and Epic Records for torturous interference.

Tiffany said that she spent years working with Cassie, but her work and career were derailed. 

You may recall that after Cassie’s explosive lawsuit against Diddy, Tiffany Red, who was working very closely with Cassie on music, spoke out about the abuse she witnessed.

Tiffany Red and Cassie

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During her live, Tiffany talked about the trauma she has experienced and admitted she is afraid for her safety. 

This s— y’all doing on the internet is putting everyone in danger. I’m not outside because it’s dangerous,” Tiffany said fighting back tears.

Tiffany Red broke down in tears as she shared that she is fighting suicidal ideations because this is no way to live. 

“We don’t deserve this, y’all. There are so many people getting hurt who are just trying to make music. We don’t deserve this.”

Watch the heartbreaking Instagram Live below.

A few hours after her IG Live, Tiffany Red released a statement reassuring the public that she was not suicidal.

For clarity, for those who are concerned after watching my IG Live, my having suicidal ideations does not mean I want to take my life.

I very much want to live my life to the FULLEST!

I work my ass off in therapy every Monday and have loads of love around me.

I am good, I promise. I fight for the freedom to express myself fully; it was anger and tears today.

I understand that the emotions I was feeling today are not permanent.

I am not my feelings.

I experience them and find a lot of healing in expressing them and not holding them in.

I love my life.

I hate how the music industry has impacted it, and I’m fighting for my justice.

Love yall ❤️ #PaySongwriters

2024 is the year when people are no longer creating safe spaces for wrongdoers.

Sending love, prayers, and peace to Tiffany Red.

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