Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9

We are one week away from the “Snowfall” Season 6 finale and my head is spinning after what went down in Episode 9.

Franklin Saint has both Teddy McDonald and the KGB man held hostage in a warehouse and his primary concern is getting his $73M back…by any means necessary.

But, Franklin does take time out to make a quick phone call to Aunt Louie to let her know the DEA is about to raid her house as they are pulling up in her driveway.

“You should run,” he tells her. And Louie runs like Forrest Gump.

Cissy Saint and Leon arrive at the warehouse to keep an eye on the hostages, while Franklin fulfills his promise to Oso.

Out of desperation, Aunt Louie turns to Buckley to help her get out of the city and he’s willing to help…for half of her emergency stash.

Along their ride, Buckley, who is acting very crackish, pulls over to pee and to take a quick hit.

Louie seized the moment to retrieve his gun and demand his pager. That’s when she confirmed her suspicions that Jerome reached out to Buckley the night she was snatched up by Kane, but he was too high to care.

Out of compassion for his children, Aunt Louie decided not to kill Buckley. But, she did leave him and his crack pipe stranded.

While Franklin was gone, Cissy Saint had a quick chat with Teddy in hopes of getting answers about Alton’s death.

Teddy seized the opportunity to get into Cissy’s head by telling her Alton wasn’t dead.

Against her better judgment, a part of Cissy wanted to believe it was true.

After flying Oso to safety, Franklin returned to the warehouse and it was up and stuck for Teddy.

Franklin Saint was going to get his money back from Teddy and he did not care how far he would have to go to do so.

Cissy’s mind is swirling at this point and she begins to run interference by trying to convince Franklin to forget about the money and turn Teddy over to the KGB.

She suggests they leave the country together. (I mean, we see how well that worked for her Alton.)

Even Leon joins the it’s dark and hell is hot convo in an effort to deter Franklin from going even deeper into the dark side with Teddy to get his shmoney.

Franklin said if it ain’t about the money…he ain’t trying to hear it and the torture commenced.

In spite of the water deprivation and an unnerving game of Russian Roulette, Teddy’s arrogance and white privilege fueled his determination to withstand whatever Franklin was dishing out.

But, when Veronique showed up with Corn Oil, things got to poppin.

I’m wondering if something happened with their baby because Veronique has a sadness in her eyes that I haven’t seen before.

And of course, she feels like she can’t tell Franklin right now because they’ve bounced a mortgage check for the downtown property on Spring Street and now the stakes are even higher!

They need that money! (In my T.T. from Set It Off voice)

Veronique introduces herself to Teddy McDonald and advises him about how painful and destructive hot corn oil can be to the human body.

After a few rounds of burning hot corn oil and a heart-to-heart convo with Franklin, Teddy is ready to wave the white flag.

Franklin places a call to Teddy’s man-a-nem, Steven Havemeyer, to set up the meeting to get the wire transfer done in exchange for Teddy’s freedom.

They link up publicly and Teddy makes the phone call to the bank.

Just as he’s getting ready to tell them the password to initiate the wire transfer, Cissy tries one last time to get Teddy to give her the tea on Alton.

Completely annoyed at this point, Teddy admits to murdering Alton and dumping his body.

That’s when Cissy ruined EVERYTHING!

WTF gif

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The streets of Twitter were ablaze as fans of the show took to their timelines to react to “Snowfall” Season 6 Episode 9.

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About ‘Snowfall’

It’s October 1986 in this sixth and final season, as civil war threatens to destroy the Saint family.

Franklin (Damson Idris) is desperate and forced to rob his Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) and Uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph) after being wiped out by former CIA officer Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson).

Meanwhile, Louie has taken over Franklin’s role as Teddy’s sole buyer, undercutting her nephew and creating a competing empire in the process.

Franklin is now faced with losing everyone he loves and everything he’s built and coming through it all will mean out-maneuvering the KGB, the DEA, and the CIA, as well as avoiding the LAPD’s fully militarized, fully corrupt, C.R.A.S.H units.

In March, Deadline reported that a “Snowfall” spin-off centered around Gail Bean’s character, “Wanda,” was in the early stages of development.

How To Watch “Snowfall”

The “Snowfall” series finale airs on Wednesday, April 19 at 10p on FX Networks and streams the next day on Hulu.

Watch the teaser below.

How do you think everything will end?

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