Snoop Dogg via Instagram

Snoop Dogg took to the streets of Instagram on Friday and declared Kendrick Lamar the “King of the West.”

The legendary rapper went on record to let everyone know he was checking in from Canada, which would explain his absence at “The Pop Out: Ken & Friends” concert.

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Snoop then went on to share how he loved witnessing the unity that was displayed at the concert.

“That was beautiful. That was fun to watch.”

In closing, Snoop Dogg said, “K. Dot…you are the King of the West. That’s the kind of s**t kings do. We unite. We bring out people together.

Watch the video clip below.

Do you agree that Kendrick Lamar is the King of the West?

I’m born and raised on the East Coast, but I’m more than willing to place an absentee ballot voting “Yes.”

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