Sierra Gates Says She Was A Juicy 230 Pounds When She First Started 'Love & Hip Hop'

Sierra Gates recently stopped by “The Hollywood Groupchat” podcast and had a candid conversation about the cosmetic surgery she’s had done.

She revealed that she was a “juicy” 230 pounds when she first started “Love & Hip Hop.”

I feel like if you got the money, if you don’t like something about yourself fix it.

And it’s so crazy because before TV, like, I use to be 230 pounds.

I was really juicy, and a lot of people don’t know that.

So now I’m like…

But people don’t understand that, like, after you lose weight and gain weight, like, your face change, everything change.

People swear I get so much stuff done.

And it’s so crazy, I’m very transparent, I’m real, and I don’t give a f***!

Like, I don’t care. It is what it is.

…So I tell my story, like, yeah I had a tummy tuck way before, long time ago, when I was big.

And then when I got on TV, I had a tummy tuck then I just was chubby as hell.

I had a flat stomach, but I was juicy.

I was 230 pounds. 

So my first year of being on TV everybody was like, ‘Oh my God she so juicy this this this…’

So when I came back on TV, I lost weight and everybody swear I had surgery I’m like, ‘I been had surgery.’

I been did that sh*t! I was big though, so what they have to notice and realize is that when you have these surgeries you have to keep up with it.

You can’t just be like have these surgeries and eat whatever you want to do.

Sierra Gates is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses. 

She’s known as Sierra Glamshop on Instagram. 

The Glam Shop is the name of her beauty salon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sierra also revealed during the interview that she started a new food venture that’s doing very well called “Ghetto Girlz Eat”.

Watch the clip from the Sierra Gates interview on “The Hollywood Groupchat” below:

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