Debbie Allen Said Her Son Didn’t Want To Talk To Her For A Week After She Twerked Onstage With Patti LaBelle

The incomparable Debbie Allen recently appeared on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” and shared that her son didn’t want to talk to her for a week after she twerked onstage with Patti LaBelle.

Debbie and her son, Norman “Thump” Nixon Jr., were frontstage at the 2022 Essence Festival watching Patti LaBelle perform, and Patti requested that Debbie come on the stage to dance.

She said her son didn’t want her to go onstage, but after being convinced by a woman on Patti’s staff named Miss Pat, she got onstage and had a lot of fun.

My son didn’t want to speak to me for another week.

‘Mommy, get off the stage!…’

He tried to get me not to do it because I was right in front of the stage.

I love Patti, we’re good friends.

I was screaming, and the next thing I know her manager, bodyguard said, ‘Patti wants you to come on stage.’

I said, ‘what come on?… She wants you to dance.’

I’m like, ‘no.’ 

Thump’s like, ‘Mom, no, come on, we’re gonna go!’

We started leaving and then Miss Pat, you know, Miss Pat said, ‘Debbie you better take your a** up there!

Don’t you be walking out on Patti LaBelle!’ 

You can’t walk out on Patti so chile I got up there and we just got to… It was so much fun, it was just a moment.

Watch the clip of the Debbie Allen interview from “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

Watch an extended clip of Debbie Allen dancing onstage with Patti below:

Fun Facts:

Debbie Allen celebrated her 38th wedding anniversary on December 6, 2022, with former NBA player Norm Nixon, who won two championships with the Los Angels Lakers during the Showtime era (1980, 1982).

Debbie Allen is a director on the show “Grey’s Anatomy,” where her son Norman “Thump” Nixon Jr. joined the cast in season 13 as Intern James.

Five seasons later, he is now a full-fledged nurse on the show.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star

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