Safaree Addresses Reports He Allegedly Got Another Woman Pregnant

Safaree took to Twitter to remind everyone to set their home alarms regardless of how safe they may feel.

SET YALL ALARM SYSTEMS!! No matter how comfortable you are SET YOUR HOUSE ALARMS!

a lot of ppl have alarm systems and don’t set them! I had an alarm system for a year and never set it once until my house was burglarized! SET IT even when your home! Home & away options!!

Ppl who break into ppls homes deserve the death penalty idgaf.

If they don’t have a regard for life of children and women in homes let me fry!

Where the OG’s who can put some type of code and ethic to these knuckle heads??

See his original tweets below.

You may recall Safaree and Erica Mena‘s home was burglarized in May.

The news of Sierra Gates’ robbery and Safaree’s word of caution comes on the heels of the shooting death of Jacqueline Avant.

The wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant was shot and killed during a home invasion early Wednesday morning.

Please be very careful and cautious because the wolves are out.