Kirk Franklin revealed on a recent episode of “The Real” that his relationship with his oldest son, Kerrion Franklin, is still strained.

Kerrion exposed audio of Kirk cursing him out during a heated argument back in March 2021.

Soon after the audio was leaked, Kirk took to social media to explain that for many years they have had a toxic relationship with Kerrion as a family, which they have tried to rectify through counseling and therapy.

Kirk admitted that he lost his temper during the argument, and he apologized for the language he used.

During his appearance “The Real,” Kirk stated:

I will say this, even though my son tried to expose me publicly as a father, I will never expose him publicly as a son.

So I have no dialogue about it.

You would’ve never known our family issues if he hadn’t chosen to do it.

And, I still continue to keep it that place because who in the world, as hard as parenting is, should ever have to talk about their parenting publicly.

Watch the video below:

Personally, there is too much going on in the world to not try to resolve issues with the ones you love.