Xavier Clyde as Danny, Nican Robinson as Rick, Courtney B. Vance as Jeremy Horne, Bentley Green as Marshall and Precious Way as Ladonna in Heist 88
Parrish Lewis/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME
Heist 88 Key Art - Showtime - Paramount+

Showtime has released the official trailer for the original film, Heist 88, starring two-time Emmy Award-winning actor Courtney B. Vance.

Courtney B. Vance
Parrish Lewis/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

About The Film:

Inspired by true events, Heist 88 is an unbelievable story centered on Jeremy Horne (Vance), a criminal mastermind with an innate ability to convince anyone to do just about anything, who decides to pull one last job before going to prison. 

He recruits four young bank employees to steal close to $80 million dollars in a daring and brazen assault on the U.S. banking system. 

The film takes place in a time before widespread computerization and the vast cybersecurity of today. 

The Cast:

In addition to Courtney B. Vance, Heist 88 also stars: 

Keesha Sharp will play Bree Barnes, an elegant, smart, political consultant who possesses a criminal mind and is Jeremy’s love interest.

Courtney B. Vance as Jeremy Horne, Keesha Sharp as Bree Barnes and Keith David as Buddha Ray in Heist 88
Parrish Lewis/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Keith David will play Buddha Ray (Raymond Oliver), a master safecracker and mentor to Jeremy.

Xavier Clyde as Danny
Chuck Hodes/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Xavier Clyde will play Danny Pugh, a nerdy, comic book collector who is brilliant with numbers and data and loves research but has given up on his job at the bank.

Bentley Green as Marshall
Parrish Lewis/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Bentley Green will play Marshall King, a cocky, energetic, house music DJ and Jeremy’s nephew.

Nican Robinson as Rick
Chuck Hodes/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME.

Nican Robinson will play Rick Windom, a young loyal bank employee working in “the back of the bank” for nearly six years with dreams of becoming a stockbroker.

Precious Way as Ladonna
Parrish Lewis/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Precious Way will play LaDonna Sanders, a beautiful, bright, bank employee who is ambitious but unseen at First Chicago Bank.

Release Date:

Heist 88 will begin streaming exclusively on Paramount+ with Showtime starting Friday, September 29. 

The film will air on Showtime on Sunday, October 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

Watch The Trailer:


They had me at Courtney B. Vance! I will be on time for Heist 88.

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