Kountry Wayne

Kountry Wayne recently visited “Way Up With Angela Yee” to promote his Netflix special “A Woman’s Prayer.”

The stand-up comedian and actor is known for saying that he doesn’t care about a woman’s past.

When Angela Yee asked if he really wanted to know, Kountry Wayne responded:

I want to know about it, if she wants to tell me because most time a woman really wants to tell you stuff.

They either want to tell you or a therapist.

Because most people want to get stuff off their chest anyway, and every woman I’ve talked to has told me some deep stuff.

And I think what keeps women close is the fact that, ‘Dang, Wayne knows all this about me, and he still treats me the same.’

I’ve learned that because that’s when a woman’s going to be free.

Because she want to feel brand new, man, like, the past is the past so when she in that relationship… she don’t want to remember those moments.

A human is punished enough, especially women, with the thought of what they did.

They don’t need you, like, ‘Dang! Da da da…’

Watch the clip of the Kountry Wayne interview from “Way Up With Angela Yee” below.

Don’t forget to check out Kountry Wayne’s one-hour Netflix special “A Woman’s Prayer,” premiering on September 19.

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