Shilo Sanders, Deion Sanders' Middle Son, Catches A Guy Impersonating His Older Brother At The University Of Colorado

If capping was a person, it would be the guy on the University of Colorado campus unknowingly trying to convince Deion Sanders middle son, Shilo Sanders, that he is his older brother, Deion Sanders Jr.

The beauty of the video is that Shilo Sanders never breaks his cover, and the impersonator is none the wiser.

In the video, Shilo asked the guy what his name is, and he responds:

My name is Deion, bruh!

Just trying to get an education.

Shilo then asked to see his college ID card, and the guy said it was his homie’s card.

Then Shilo starts to play along and asks the guy if he’s coach Prime’s son, and he replies:

I am… I don’t play sports like my brothers and them, you feel me?…

You know the quarterback?…

Yeah, so…

Shilo continues to play along and tells the guy that he heard that Deion’s sons were coming to the school, and it was crazy to run into him and meet him.

The guy daps Shilo up and tells him it was nice to meet him, and he asks if he plays football, and Shilo says yes, and the guy says he’s going to tell his dad about him.

Shilo responds, “Imma tell mine about you, bruh.”

Watch the original IG post below:

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