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Deion Sanders Is Not Going To Use Handicap Parking

Deion Sanders Refuses To Use Handicap Parking

Shilo Sanders recently tried to convince his father Deion Sanders that he qualifies for handicapped parking because he only has eight toes.

The hilarious exchange was shared in a video posted on the NFL Hall of Famer’s Instagram page.

The convo went like this:

Deion: Shilo and I just pulled up to the store, and he, ah, parked a long way away, and I say, ‘Shilo that’s a long journey for a man with a limp.’

Shilo: I said, ‘Won’t we just go handicap.’

Deion: And I said, ‘I don’t play like that.’ There are truly handicapped people that deserve that spot, and I will never do that in my life. I’m too honorable and too considerate of the handicapped to do something like that.

Shilo: Dawg!… You got eight toes, dawg!… This real life… You could get up there.

Deion: That’s what he said. That’s what he said. But, to all my handicapped people out there, I love you, I appreciate you, and I can make it. I will not take your spot.

Shilo: It’s your spot too!

Deion: He ignit y’all!… I just want y’all to hear it.

Shilo: Like, you just different…

Watch Deion’s original IG post below:

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Deion Sanders, the new head football coach at the University of Colorado, had his big toe and his second toe, on his left foot, amputated last year due to blood clots from a previous surgery.

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