Memphis Rapper NLE Choppa Plans To Start A ‘Skate For Tyrie’ Foundation 

NLE Choppa recently announced that he plans to start a “Skate For Tyre” foundation to support Tyre Nichols’ family, and most importantly his 4-year-old son.

The Memphis rapper fears that Tyre Nichols’ son will grow up and be traumatized by the video of his father being brutally beaten by the cops.

After finding out that Tyre was passionate about skateboarding, NLE organized a protest march in Memphis on January 28 themed, “Skate for Tyre.”

NLE admitted that he just learned how to skate around the time of the protest, but it has become a new hobby of his, he referenced it as the Lil Wayne effect.

He feels a connection with Tyre through skating, and he wants to project a message of love over hate.

I’m actually in the midst of, I want to start a foundation, a charity, around “Skate For Tyre.”

And not only do I want to give the proceeds to Tyre and his family I want to give it to his son.

I pray that when that child grows up that they can differentiate between what’s real and what’s not.

And what’s real is given back and making sure a positive light is shown over their life.

The fact that his death was broadcasted at 6 PM like it was a Showtime fight night thing is just, it brings a lot of discomfort to my soul to where every time something happens in our community where we lose our lives as Gods we have to show how we lost our life, the video of it, the gruesomeness of it.

Just so they can inject that fear, that hatred, and everything opposite of love into our culture and into our communities.

I dislike it a lot. That’s pretty much the purpose of why I chose to skate because we need to start acting in instance of what would love do in situations.

And to show how he lost his life, when he has a 4-year-old child that may see that video one day is extremely traumatizing and unacceptable.

It’s nothing loving about it so my purpose behind this skate… with me just skating in my free time is to show what he would’ve wanted to be seen, you know?

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Source: TMZ

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