Shedeur Sanders trends Colorado Buffaloes vs. UCLA

Shedeur Sanders is trending in the streets of Twitter (X) as the Colorado Buffaloes face off against UCLA on Saturday night (October 28).

The 21-year-old quarterback has been taking a beating on the field after enduring multiple hits because his offensive line is falling short.

Social media is buzzing about Shedeur Sanders fighting for his life on the field.

One person tweeted:

Man watching Shedeur Sanders get hit like this is hard. He can’t keep taking hits like this.😔 one thing you can no longer deny…

This man is a fighter and one of the best QBs in College Football. The most hit QB has the most yards in CFB. Protect him!

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Read the tweets below.

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I’m in no position to give Shedeur Sanders football advice, but I can tell him he better soak in some Dr. Teals’ Epsom Salt tonight!

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