Shedeur Sanders Calls Out Nebraska Head Coach Matt Rhule For Disrespecting His Team & His Dad

Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sander’s son, called out Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule for disrespecting his team and his dad at the postgame press conference.

Shedeur said before the game started, he saw Matt Rhule assemble his team at the center of the field on the Buffaloes’ logo, so he went over and broke up the disrespectful gesture.

Shedeur also said that Matt Rule had said some disrespectful things about his dad in the past.

It was extremely personal.

We go out there, warm up, you got the head coach for the other team trying to stand in the middle of the Buff, like, it’s okay if a couple of players do it, it’s fine, you know.

Like, to just enjoy the scenery, but when you got the whole team just trying to disrespect it, then  I’m not going for that, at all.

So I went in there and disrupted it. So they knew off rip, like, nah this… The Buffaloes mean a lot to me.

And, personally, that’s what I seen in pregame, and that’s when I knew it was just extreme disrespect.

The coach said a lot of things about my Pop’s, about the program, but now that he wants to act nice, I don’t respect that because you hating on another man. You shouldn’t do that.

All respect was gone for them, and their program. Now I like playing against their DC, I like playing against him, but the respect level it ain’t there because you disrespected us first.

Watch Shedeur Sanders’ post-game presser clip below:

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Watch Shedeur Sanders break up the disrespect at the Buffs center field below.

Listen to Nebraska head football coach Matt Rhule’s criticism of Deion Sanders below, courtesy of “Hightop Sports.”

Coach Prime used Matt Rhule’s criticisms in his pre-game motivational speech to his team, and the speech was powerful. It was a prime example of turning your haters into your motivators.

Watch Coach Prime’s pre-game motivational speech below:

After a slow start on Saturday (September 9), the Colorado Buffaloes beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers 36-14.

The Colorado Buffaloes are now 2-0 under Coach Prime’s leadership. They’ve won their first two games, which is already better than their 1-11 record last year.

The Buffs drew their largest crowd in 15 years on Saturday, with 53,241 fans in attendance.

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