Shaunie O’Neal says when she sees Shaq in a new relationship she is rooting for the woman to be the one he remarries.

When I see Shaq with a new woman I’ll be like, ‘Oh, is this the one. Please let this be the one. Like, girl, stick in there — you got this.

Shaunie said her and Shaq have talked about being at each others wedding if they remarry.

We have talked about it, and we would be at each other’s wedding.

Shaunie O’Neal and Shaq have four children together, and they both have a child from a previous relationship.

They were married in 2002, separated in 2007, and they officially divorced in 2009.

I guess it’s great to be supportive, but this sounds a little weird to me. I wouldn’t want to see my ex walk down the aisle.

Would you attend your ex’s wedding?

Source: Page Six

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