Ball is Life” recently caught up with Shaqir O’Neal in Atlanta to scope out a day in his life at his father’s beautiful Atlanta mansion.

Shaqir O’Neal aspires to be an NBA player like his dad so he moved to Atlanta from California to focus more on basketball and be trained by his NBA legendary father Shaquille O’Neal.

Host Aketra (Keke) Sevillian, who formerly played women’s basketball for the Penn State Lady Lions, does a great job taking us inside the life of Shaqir O’Neal.

Shaqir gives a tour of his favorite parts of the mansion, he plays a game of horse in his gym with Keke, he shows the gym where he weight trains with his dad, and he opens up about his relationship with his favorite player (uncle) Kobe Bryant.

Shaq also makes a few appearances in the episode

Shaqir’s personality is a lot like his father’s, he likes to joke around and have fun but he is serious about basketball.

Watch the episode below:

It would be ironic if Shaqir ends up playing for the Lakers, but he may want to break away from his father’s shadow and set his own path.

I’ve seen Shaqir play in person at a showcase in North Atlanta and he is definitely a baller.

We wish Shaqir the best in his basketball career.