Armed Robbers hit a Channel store in the SoHo shopping district in New York on Tuesday (February 2, 2021), and they got away with $160,000 in merchandise.

The robbery occurred in the middle of the day, approximately 2:00pm, on Spring Street in Manhattan.

The four men used the snatch and grab tactic during the robbery and made off with 32 handbags and 12 wallets.

Reportedly, a security guard told one of the robbers she had a gun, and he asked her “What are you going to do… shoot me?” then he showed her that he also had a gun.

NYPD police chief Rodney Harrison stated that the robbers are capitalizing off of wearing face masks because it’s making them hard to identify. He also believes this robbery crew is linked to 20 robberies that stretch from SoHo to midtown.

The robbers are reportedly using fake IDs to rent cars from a rental car location in New Jersey, equipping them with stolen license plates, and using them as get-away cars.

Police say the stolen merchandise is being sold online.

See the news report below:

There is also footage of this crew robbing a Montclair store in the same area.

Watch footage below:

The suspects are still at large.

Police have released the videos in hopes that citizens will come forward to help them identify the robbers.

Source: Law Enforcement Today