Shaq Keeps It Real With Ja Morant: ‘You’re Not A Rapper, You’re An NBA Player'

Shaq had some real talk about the Ja Morant drama on TNT on Tuesday night (March 7).

During the segment, Shaq spoke on how the Memphis Grizzlies baller is responsible for the situation that he’s in now because he is the one that chose to record himself in a strip club with a weapon and share it with the world.

He put himself in this position. He didn’t have to go Live.

You got to pick your phone up, swipe to find Instagram, get on Instagram, swipe again, hit the Live button, wait for it to connect… 

You gotta to have enough common sense to know that wasn’t going to go the way you wanted it to go.

You’re not a rapper, you’re an NBA player.

Shaq said he feels sorry for Ja’s parents for what they must be going through, and he encouraged Ja and everyone to always think of a “higher power” before making a questionable decision.

He also said that Ja needs real friends that are going to hold him accountable as opposed to “yes” friends.

Watch the clip of Shaq speaking on the Ja Morant drama on TNT below:

Ja Morant is currently taking a leave of absence from the NBA and Memphis Grizzlies pending an investigation into his handling a firearm inside a Colorado strip club following his team’s loss to the Denver Nuggets Friday night (March 3).

Hopefully, Ja gets the help he needs and realizes that the hard work he and his family put in can all be taken away because of one bad decision.

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