Shaq: 'I Had Two Perfect Women & I Messed It Up'

Shaq recently appeared on the first episode of singer Monica’s new podcast, “Mo Talk,” and revealed that he had two perfect women, but he messed it up.

I had two perfect women, and I messed it up.

My first one was my baby mother, Arnetta, and then I met Shaunie.

Shaunie was also a perfect one, and I messed it up.

Yeah, I was… you know, we were all young, and I was just doing dumb stuff.

But, the good thing about our relationship is that they forgave me, and we have a good relationship now.

But when you ask me about the perfect woman, I had two perfect women, and I messed it up. Just by, you know, being dumb.

Monica asked if he thinks his lifestyle and access to certain things led to him doing things that affected those relationships.

Shaq responded:

I come from a place where you’re not allowed to make excuses.

I have no excuses.

Probably just, you know, when you come from a place where you don’t have any access then you get a lot of access, you do what you want to do instead of just doing what was right.

Later on during the conversation, Shaq revealed that he still considers Shaunie his wife even though she has re-married.

…Even though, I don’t have a relationship with the women I let get away, I will always PPL (Protect, Provide, & Love), Protect, Provide… whatever they need they get it from me.

Now Shaunie’s married, I’m happy for her.

I hope this gentleman treats her the way she supposed to be treated, and imma still love her.

And she still my wife.

I will always protect, provide, and love for her, married or not. Because she gave me something…

…It’s just how I was raised, you protect, you provide, and you love your woman.

We have five children together. She’s getting married to another man, I’m not just going to be like, ‘Ah!…’ Nope, I’m still there.

…Listen, I’m still there. I only talk about this with you because I trust you, and I know you.

I’ll never have this conversation with anybody else, but people need to know and understand that you protect, you provide, and you love for your woman whether you’re together or you’re not.

I think that’s the problem with, you know, a lot of men. You broke up, nope whatever she needs whatever the babies need imma be there forever.

And the same goes with my first love, Arnetta.

Imma always be there for them. If they want to get married and, you know, find people better than me I understand that, I accept that.

Because that’s what we call in my sport a turnover. If you’re gonna turn the ball over you can score so if you turn the ball up and you give another person the opportunity to score maybe they can score better so…

You know, I wish her nothing but the best. I want her to be happy, and I want her to, you know, just, you know, live a happy life.

Watch the clip of the Shaq interview from the “Mo Talk” podcast below:

Shaq and his first love, Arnetta Yardbourgh, had their daughter Taahirah O’Neal in 1996. She is his oldest child.

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