McDonald's The Cardi B & Offset Meal

Roses are red, violets are blue, The Cardi B & Offset Meal is coming to a McDonald’s near you.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Mickey D’s announced its first-ever celebrity couple meal that will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

The Cardi B & Offset Meal will consist of the couple’s menu favorites including Cardi B’s go-to classic McDonald’s cheeseburger, paired with BBQ sauce and a large Coca-Cola and Offset’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. 

The meal also includes apple pie and a large order of fries to share.

Cardi B and Offset Meal - McDonalds

In a statement, Offset said, “Let me tell you, McDonald’s is date night done right. It doesn’t have to be all boujee. Get your date, grab some good food, and have fun, that’s it.”

During the Big Game, McDonald’s released an ad titled, “Knowing Their Order,” featuring Kulture and Wave’s parents. 

Watch the ad below. 

Read a few Twitter reactions to the forthcoming meal below.

Do you plan to scoop The Cardi B & Offset Meal when it arrives on Valentine’s Day?

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