‘Undisputed’ moderator Jenny Taft made time today to get Skip Bayless together for fat-shaming Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy.

Skip made the comments during a segment about the premiere of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” which highlights the Dallas Cowboys this season.

He said:

This is just personal preference on my part.

I’m not taking a shot at him about this, but he’s a little heavy. 

And I wouldn’t want my head coach in the National Football League to not look the part at all because you got to stay in some semblance of condition to show you know who you are and have some confidence in yourself, right?

He was just unimpressive across the board. I’m giving him no checkmarks.

Jenny swiftly made it known that she didn’t agree with Skip’s comments.

I don’t know if I think that’s a fair shot for Mike McCarthy and I’m going to leave it at that.

Skip replied, “Thanks Jenny. I appreciate that.”

Then, Jenny got this intense look in her eyes, and she proceeded to give Skip the business.

Watch the video below:

Jenny Taft was 100% right in this situation in my opinion.

It’s funny how by the end of the clip, Shannon Sharpe became the moderator, and Skip implied that they are not a team.

I see this playing out one of two ways, Jenny Taft will be replaced with someone else or Skip Bayless will issue a public apology on tomorrow’s show.

Your thoughts?

Source: Complex