Serena Williams will not be competing in the Tokyo Olympics next month.

The  23-time grand slam champion, who is already qualified for a spot in the games, shared the disappointing news on Sunday during her Wimbledon press conference.

However, she made it very clear that she was not going to discuss why she will not be competing. At least, not at this time.

`I’m actually not on the Olympic list, not that I’m aware of. If so, then I shouldn’t be on it. There’s a lot of reasons that I made my Olympic decision and I don’t feel like going into them today. Maybe another day. Sorry.

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When asked what she will miss about not competing in the Olympic Games, Serena Williams responded: 

I have not thought about it. In the past, it’s been a wonderful place for me, but I really haven’t thought about it. So I’m gonna keep not thinking about it.

For the record, Serena already has four Olympic gold medals at the house.

Well, that’s that on that and when she’s ready (if ever) to discuss why she decided not to compete – she’ll tell us.

Source: NY Daily News

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