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It appears Naomi Osaka will continue to protect her peace as she has withdrawn from Wimbledon to take some “personal time.”

The 26-year-old withdrew from the French Open last month after they made a big stink about her decision not to speak with media in order to preserve her mental health.

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Well, the marathon continues according to her agent Stuart Duguid who said:

Naomi won’t be playing Wimbledon this year. She is taking some personal time with friends and family.

Apparently, lil sis is just going to soak up all the good vibes from those who love her before the Tokyo Olympics.

Her agent added, “She will be ready for the Olympics and is excited to play in front of her home fans.”

Welp. That’s that on that and I’m not mad at Naomi Osaka one bit for choosing to do what’s best for her.

Source: People