UGH! “Good Girls” has been canceled at NBC after four seasons.

The series, which is a perfect blend of comedy, crime, and drama, follows suburban moms Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman) who, at a loss over how to solve their various crippling financial troubles, decide to rob a supermarket in a heist that attracts the attention of a local gang leader, Rio (Manny Montana).

The stakes get higher in season four as the Secret Service closes in on our women’s counterfeit ring. When we last saw Beth, she was struggling to carve out her own criminal path separate from Rio, using her husband’s spa company, Boland Bubbles, as a front.

Ruby seemed to have salvaged her marriage after a rocky road, but only time will tell if her hidden secrets implode. Annie is focusing on inner love and healing as she takes the journey to rebuild independence.

Unfortunately, plans for one more season to bring the ladies’ story to a close didn’t pan out financially and hopes of moving the series to Netflix fell through despite the great viewership on the streamer.

The final episodes of “Good Girls” will air between now and July.

Are you sad to know the show is ending?

Source: Deadline