Salt Bae 2022 World Cup

Salt Bae has been trending in the streets of Twitter for two days over his annoying clout-chasing antics after Argentina won the 2022 World Cup.

The Turkish chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a viral sensation and meme because of his unique technique for preparing and seasoning meat.

He’s now going viral for being one of the biggest nuisances at the World Cup.

Salt Bae was spotting annoying TF out of Lionel Messi and other players on the team as he bombarded players, ambushed them for viral videos, photobombed the players, and literally grabbed their trophies out of their hands.

See multiple exhibits of his behavior below.

One person tweeted, “Can’t imagine having trained all my life and just won the greatest football achievement there is and suffering Salt Bae. Absolute log of a c*nt.”

Someone else tweeted, “Imagine it being the best day of your life and f**king salt bae is trying to crash your celebration!”

See more tweets below that also includes videos of Salt Bae’s Quest for Clout!

Unfortunately, these are the consequences of making the wrong people famous for the most trivial things.

Congratulations to Argentina on their World Cup win, but in 2026…we gotta tighten up security a bit on who gets access to the event.

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