Rapper Vince Staples Trends After His Appearance On 'Abbott Elementary'

Quinta Brunson’s casting of rapper Vince Staples as Gregory’s friend, Maurice, on “Abbott Elementary” has the ladies wanting more.

Scoop a few clips from the episode below:

Vince Staple is a rapper from Long Beach, California, in real life, but on the show, he becomes a potential love interest for Janine, Quinta Brunson’s character.

A lot of ladies on Twitter expressed how pleasantly surprised they were to see Vince Staples on the show, and they also expressed how attractive they think he is.

Vince, being a fan of the show himself, actually spoke his cameo into existence.

He tweeted Quinta in July and suggested he be cast on the show.


Judging from the tweets, fans are intrigued by Maurice giving Gregory some work for Janine’s heart.

Time will tell if Maurice becomes a reoccurring character, but at this point, it only makes sense.

Scoop some tweets below:


Quinta has seemingly made another brilliant casting decision, and we look forward to seeing her add more awards to the three Emmys she won for the first season of “Abbott Elementary.”

Quinta also cast NBA champion Andre Iguodala, who also got some Twitter love, in the episode.

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Source: TMZ

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