Robyn Dixon - Juan Dixon cheating
Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon (via Instagram)

Robyn Dixon has confirmed that there is some truth to the rumors about her husband, Juan Dixon, cheating during the pandemic. 

Just to catch you up to speed, Juan’s secret lover reached out to influencer Georgio Says and shared that she was dealing with Juan for over a year.

She provided hotel receipts, text messages, and noted that Robyn did know about the affair and asked her not to go public with it. 

According to the receipts provided, her last contact with Juan was in January 2022.

The woman claims she stopped dealing with Juan after he allegedly tried to pass her off to one of his friends, who exposed himself to her and requested that she perform a sex act on him

Georgio Says made a now-viral TikTok spilling all of the tea.

During Monday’s episode of her “Reasonably Shady” podcast with Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon admitted that Juan was an “idiot” and “communicated with this woman on Instagram.”

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star said that her man was “bored” and “he needs attention, it’s a pandemic, blah, blah, blah, whatever.”

But, Robyn still defended Juan Dixon by saying, “They did not date. He did not fly her anywhere, and there is a reason why his name is on a hotel receipt.”

She also admitted that she was “aware of the situation” prior to filming Season 7 of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.”

Robyn Dixon says the woman messaged her and Gizelle Bryant about the affair, so she assumed ole girl had reached out to the entire cast and she was waiting for someone to drop the bomb on her.

When Karen Huger brought up the cheating allegations on a recent episode of the show, both Robyn and Juan denied it. 

Robyn Dixon said she “expected to talk about it on Season 7.”

She said…

A young lady came forward talking about she and Juan dating during covid and she shows this hotel receipt with his name on it.

First of all, I was aware of the situation before we filmed Season 7. And because this young lady was so pressed to tell me and to tell you, Giselle, I assumed told the whole cast. So all of Season 7, I just like waiting for somebody to bring it up. Cause Karen is good for thinking she got some tea. I’m just ready for it…I’m waiting for it.

I was already aware of the situation and I expected to talk about it on Season 7.

Now, the situation when it was presented to me was handled. It was discussed. It was something we had to work through. It was not something that was like, ‘Oh, okay. Whatever.’ However, there are a lot of things that need to be cleared up with what’s being said about what allegedly happened, which did not. I will give more details on Patreon.

But, what I will say is…yes, Juan was an idiot and communicated with this woman on Instagram…He’s bored he needs attention. It’s a pandemic. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever.

However, they did not date. He did not fly her anywhere, and there is a reason why his name is on a hotel receipt.

Which I will share on Patreon and the reason is not because he asked her to come and was volunteered to pay for this hotel room.

Robyn Dixon gone stick beside him and that’s her choice.

Listen to the episode below (45:32 mark).

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