Remy Ma has nothing but love for Rihanna and ASAP Rocky and she believes RiRi will be an amazing mom because women can do it all.

Rihanna, she is a mom to be. She is amazing!

You have the Cardi B’s of the world, you have myself, you have so many women that…  It’s tough! Sometimes it’s hard because we’re made to think that we can’t do it, but women, we can do everything.

We wear all the hats. We run things. We run the world, as Bey says. 

When you love something, like your family and your career, you just make it happen.

While Remy Ma was in her woman empowerment bag, the interviewer brought up Nicki Minaj’s reconciliation with The City Girls, and she asked Remy if she would be open to reconciling with Nicki.

Remy responded, “I don’t have any issues with anybody. I been chilling.”

Watch the video below:

Time will tell if Rihanna and ASAP Rocky take Remy up on her baby name suggestion.

Source: TMZ