Tasha K took to the streets of YouTube on Wednesday to release an official statement after her unfavorable verdict in Cardi B‘s libel suit.

The blogger and YouTube star was found liable on counts of defamation, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. 

Tasha is on the hook for $4 million in damages to the Grammy Award-winning rapper.

While speaking to her fans, known as the “Winos,” Tasha K said:

These last four years fighting this conspiracy case have been extremely challenging and yet, I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of it.

I’ve learned so much. Every moment was incredibly powerful and insightful.

The verdict handed down on Monday was no shock to myself, my husband, or my legal team.

We’re prepared and we were prepared for this challenge from the beginning. 

Prepared for the worst as we said. 

We called bluff against a machine that wanted to bully me for not wavering from my personal beliefs.

A machine that has corporate interests to protect prostitution, drug use, promiscuity, and to glorify the violence that wreaks havoc on our society and our neighborhoods.

And to glorify it’s sold to our children as the ‘it factor.’

This machine secured an extremely prejudicial verdict against myself and my company solely off of sympathy and payola.

Watch Tasha’s full statement below. 

You can read Cardi B’s official statement here.

Tasha K is currently trending on Twitter as people react to her statement.

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Tasha K and her legal team have announced their plans to file an appeal.