Columbus Short speaks out felony domestic violence

Columbus Short took to social media to address his recent arrest for felony domestic violence.

Police were called to the San Fernando Valley home of the actor and recording artist on Wednesday night around 10:30 pm after an altercation between him and his wife, Aida Short, became physical.

According to TMZ, when police arrived at the residence, Columbus told them his wife punched him in the face.

When police spoke with Aida, they noticed she had a minor injury and arrested Columbus for felony domestic assault. 

Columbus took to Instagram to address the arrest directly with a video statement.

The caption on the video read:

The Truth

Marriages are challenging but getting through it is the blessing!

I AM not an abusive man nor am I on drugs but drinking alcohol makes my mouth get a little out of pocket. That’s the truth. My wife and I are working on our marriage. The real work w/ @callmemrsshort #MyApologies #LEVITATING2022 ???????????? ????????

In the video, Columbus explained that he and his wife had a disagreement and he asked her to leave.

At some point, he tried to grabbed her phone out of her hand accidentally scratched her.

When the police arrived they “had to make a decision” on who to arrest and when they saw the scratch on Aida, they arrested Columbus.

Watch the video clip below.

Aida Short also took to social media to address the report of Columbus’ arrest.

She shared a clip of her husband’s video on her Instagram Story with the caption:

Marriage isn’t easy…but we’re working on things in our own way and time.

We’d like privacy and prayers ????????

See the original post below.

Columbus Short was detained for about 12 hours before posting $50,000 bond.

He had not been formally charged in the incident.

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